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About Pegah Gostar Apadana Trading Co

Pegah Gostar Apadana Trading Co. as a major trading company active in the import, export, clearance, marketing, foreign purchases, lending, customs and international trade, financial and banking services, as well as raw material suppliers, parts and Equipment for domestic industry, especially steel industry and its related industries, activities in various fields of commerce and sales are proud to provide services to reputable manufacturers and traders. One of the company’s privileges is to provide products and services at very competitive prices and eliminate intermediaries

HUI ER JIE China exclusive agent in Iran

According to the needs of Iran today to GRC components and the requirement for the use of zirconium glass fiber since 2013, the company after several negotiations with HUBEI HUIERJIE in China, which is the first and the largest producer of alkyd resistant alkali fibers in that country and so far It exports to European, American, Asian and Iranian countries, has succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation of this company and is able to deliver the company’s products at the factory in the shortest time, as well as to use exchange trading for purchase. The company is currently supplying this fiber to the largest GRC producers in Iran.

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