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Order registration and obtaining required permissions

Order registration and obtaining required permissions:

Order registration is a certain type of import permit for purchased goods that is registered in the Ministry of Commerce’s system. Accordingly, issuance of proforma invoice (by the seller) and order registration are the early stages of importation process. An order registration certificate is a file issued by the trade promotion Organization of Iran, and bears the eight-digit license number and the date of the order registration, along with the number and date of the proforma issuance as well as the name of the applicant company that could be the importer.
Procedures for registering an order for import of goods:
۱- Knowledge of the tariff placed on the ordered goods
۲- Obtaining a proforma from the seller
۳- Obtaining the import license, according to the export and import regulations, from the relevant organizations
۴- Obtaining insurance policy from the insurance companies
۵- Registering the order in the intermediary bank of the transaction

Documents required for ordering goods:

– A valid commercial card
– Obtaining the required legal permits based on the contents of the “Tariff” chapter as provided in the book “Export and Import Regulation” as well as other regulations and instructions (including the permits provided by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Atomic Energy organization, etc.)
– The original and verified copy of the proforma verified by the ministry of Industries and Mines
– Catalog or brochure and analysis for some goods.
The following terms need to be mentioned in the proforma:
Full name and address of the buyer (telephone and fax numbers)
Full name and address of the seller (phone and fax numbers)
Full specification of goods
Unit Price- FOB Price- Shipping Fee- Quantity, weight, number and type of packages
Name of the beneficiary country (seller) and the manufacturer country
Name of country of origin, place of loading, vehicle type and delivery time
Name of the currency used for transaction and specification of the payment procedures
Name of the port of entry and destination customs
• Code and date of issuance of the signed proforma as well as the expiration date
A standard code verified by The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran and verification of conformity with the standards in cases where the goods are subject to the list of import standards.
Official translation of proforma invoices (except for Persian and English)
Presentation of catalogs for machines and some consumer goods and brochures or analyses for some of the chemical products (when the goods specification are not clearly mentioned in the proforma).

Documents required for registration of orders:

-commercial Cards
– Proforma invoice
-Mandatory standards
– Seller ID obtained from the Fida system
– Technical certificates obtained from related authorities
– Registration of order
– Opening a credit account by submitting the proforma as well as the documents of purchase to the broker bank
– Presentation of tracking ID for the currency used for trade
– receipt of Purchase Documents Including Invoice – Bill of Lading – Certificate of Inspection – packing – Certificate of Origin – Certification of the statement of Currency Supply by the Bank
– Presentation of the original bill of lading and the settlement of account with the shipping company in order to get the Warehouse receipt
– Submission of the power of attorney to the relevant Customs
– filing the necessary documents for declarations, tariffs, values, relevant calculations (determination of the declaration path: green: documentary control, yellow: document control + value control – red: document control, value control, physical examination of the goods)
– submission of documents to the Customs Authentication Unit: Invoice – verified Copy for the bill of lading – packing – Certificate of origin – certificate of Inspection – certificate of currency supply – certified Copy of the commercial card – Warehouse receipt and insurance bill – the original order registration sheet – certified Copy of proform – assignment of a declaration of registration code
– Technical conformity certificate received from the relevant authorities
– Inspection and control by the evaluation unit in accordance with the declaration path – mandatory standard checkups – payment of entry fees at the discretion of evaluation unit
– Issuance of customs green sheet
– loading in the presence of the owner of the goods or their representative
– Exit door monitoring and control (including commodity control – Goods count – Tariff control – Value control)

Customs clearance

Note that obtaining an order registration license does not necessarily mean that the goods can enter or leave the country. Some goods require a health certificate, a Veterinary Health Certificate and other standards that make it necessary to sample the goods after their entry into the customs.