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About us

About us:

Company’s background: Pegah Gostar Apadana Co, was established on October 26, 2010 (with private capital) in an attempt to provide Iranian importers, exporters and traders with assistance and support in the field of foreign trade. using experienced staff, the company can provide import – export services to customers in the private and public sector, and take the necessary measures for customs clearance all over the country so that customers can rest assured that their imported goods are in good hands (from purchase stage up to shipping and Clearance stages). This company would guarantee the health of goods from the place of origin up to their destination. Currently, the company is providing many clients with services such as pricing, portfolio and delivery of merchandise and has managed to give them peace of mind with its high quality services.  Time and timely conduction of commercial and customs affairs are two decisive factors for gaining competitive advantage in the global market. Thus, considering the positive work relationships between the company and most banks and customs across the country, the company ensures importation, customs clearance and delivery of merchandises within the shortest period of time.

Company’s resume:

Import and export of all kinds of authorized merchandise including:
🔹Raw materials of concrete and cement factories
🔹Fiberglass Fiber
🔹Polycure polymer and acrylic resin
🔹 Kraft Liner Paper
🔹Natural rubber extracts
🔹Various steel products in conformity with international standards
🔹Ingots, slabs, steel sections, different types of hot – cold and galvanized sheets
🔹Raw materials required in large steel industries such as coke, coal, super alloys, colored metals, bauxite, magnesite
🔹The parts and equipment needed in industries including steel mills, pipe, rails, pumps, motors, industrial valves, sprayer manufacturing factories
🔹Polymer chemicals
🔹Raw material of factories and production units in ceramic and tile industries
🔹Exportation of national products such as ceramic, tile, heat resistant materials and thermal insulators
🔹Exportation of minerals such as iron ore, coal, tiles