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Commercial and Customs consultation

Commercial and Customs consultation:
As a guide, we know about the complexities associated with import and export processes, the LC opening and customs clearance procedures. Every step we take on your part, is 100 percent consistent with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The order registration, banking, customs, payment of customs duties and tariffs, and, finally, transportation of goods to the final destination are all in line with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Pegah Gostar Apadana has the honor to use their experience to assist you at all stages of the importation up to the clearance and delivery steps.
Some of the services offered by the Pegah Gostar Apadana Trading Group are presented below:

• Registration of order and obtaining required permissions
• Search for reputable manufacturers and sellers
• Payment orders (opening of LC, exchange currency)
• Obtaining standard and inspection certificates for all goods
• Obtaining permissions and exemptions
• Providing custom services
• Customs Clearance all over the country
• Transportation of commodities from all over the world
• Tracking customs documents in national Customs
• offering Customs consultations for resolving disputes between customs and commodity owners