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GRC / GFRC is in fact a composite that uses reinforcing fibers in concrete mixtures to significantly enhance the tensile strength and compression strength of concretes. This composite is well-integrated and enjoys high cohesion, and allows for use of concrete as a ductile material for development of high-strength and durable surfaces.

Technical specifications of GRC
GRC has favorable properties such as high ductility, high resistance, energy absorption and crack-resistance, which make it a good choice in many applications
The GRC / GFRC elements enjoy a remarkably light weight compared to conventional prefabricated elements. The GRC / GFRC products roughly weigh a quarter of the conventional prefabricated elements. This makes it possible for workers to install small GRC / GFRC elements, designed for the building façade, without any need for lifters
Since the mechanical strength of GRC / GFRC elements is higher than conventional concrete and doesn’t need to be reinforced with rebar, GRC / GFRC elements with a maximum thickness of 10 mm could be ,manufactured. Therefore, it is advisable to extensively use fiberglass-reinforced concrete, rather than rebar-reinforced concrete in the construction industry in general, and in façade design in particular
Wind – Hurricane Resistance: The wind resistance of GRC elements is ranked 4 according to the international standards. This test was carried out on superficially joint GRC elements with thickness of about 2 cm and at an approximate wind speed of 193 km/h and the GRC elements didn’t sustain any damage.

Fire resistance: GRC elements are made of non-flammable minerals with zero flame development degree. Moreover, these elements can be produced in a way to resist two-hour fires.
Advantages of ARG fiber
The durability and strength of concrete was a big problem when conventional fiberglass (E-GLASS) was commonly used, but alkali-resistant ARG glass fiber was produced some time later. Finally, zirconium dioxide with a purity of 16.7% allowed for production of abrasion- resistant and alkali-resistant concrete, and prevented concrete cracking to a great extent
ARG fiberglass, produced by HUIERJIE, which is mainly used in the production of GRC-based building façade and provides ample opportunity for architects to design GRC / GFRC reinforced concrete, is actually a construction product that significantly contributes to the economy, technology and aesthetics of construction industry worldwide.

This environmentally friendly composite could be developed into a variety of products using negligible amounts of energy and natural raw materials, and is known as a highly popular composite amongst designers, architects, engineers and construction industry employers, due to its high ductility and efficiency, beautiful appearance, high durability, and reasonable economic cost