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HUI ER JIE’s exclusive representative

HUI ER JIE’s exclusive representative
HUI ER JIE, with over four decades of manufacturing experience, is now the first and the largest producer of ZRO-based alkali-resistant fiberglass in China.
The company was founded in XIANGYANG, HUBEI Province, china in 1970 and has been manufacturing ARG fiberglass ever since. The main product of this company is alkali-resistant fiberglass, prepared in roving, chopped, and scattered strands, as well as a variety of alkaline-resistant gratings.
Having already met the bulk of national needs, The Company has been operating internationally for many years and has been exporting its products to over 30 countries in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, including the Islamic Republic of Iran. .
۲۰ leading GRC producers in China purchase their raw materials from this company.
HEI ER JIE ensures the quality of raw materials and semi-finished raw materials, and all raw materials entering the factory, and the products in particular, are monitored and controlled by the quality control department at all stages of production. The produced Samples are controlled using laboratory equipment and periodically sent to an international laboratory for further and more thorough testing.