Pegah Gostar Apadana Company, with the private capital, was established on the basis of the needs of foreign importers, exporters and traders in the field of foreign trade on October 26, 2010, and started its business as a private company. The company, using an experienced team in addition to importing and exporting goods for customers in the private and public sector, has been directing the clearance of all the customs of the country directly so that customers can import their goods from the stage of purchase to delivery and eventually Clearance of goods will be monitored and controlled by the company and naturally this company will guarantee the health of customers’ goods to the destination. So now, many customers of the company benefit from the services of receiving the price and sample until the stage of delivery of goods in its warehouse, which ensures complete mental relaxation and relaxation for the valued customers of this company. Time and expedition in business and customs is a decisive factor in the presence of strong competition in the market. Therefore, according to the positive relationship between the company and the majority of the banks and customs of the country, the goods will arrive in the shortest time possible and, upon clearance, will be delivered to the destination by the contract.